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CAMBER* Underground Garbage Cans
and inground trash can parts


Ideal for condominiums, golf courses, pools, patios, & resort living.

Perfect as a raccoon and critter deterrent, never have a knocked over trash can again. 
Durable heavy-duty galvanized steel construction


Customized Replacement Lid
*** CHIEF Lid with custom bracket to fit existing concrete shells

Stainless Steel Parts
*** Stainless Steel Shells & Insert Pails
( For sandy and corrosive environments )

Stainless Steel System
*** 320-A (SS) - 20-Gallon Stainless Steel Complete Assembly
- 2-Piece Green Powder Coated Galvanneal Easy Step Lid
- Stainless Steel Shell and Insert
( Lid included with sound deadening material )

Underground Garbage Cans and Inground Trash Can Parts

Eliminate unsightly trash

Easy installation

Bury in ground with a top layer of  grass, gravel, brick, or in permanent concrete (shown) 

Use any quantity of cans to suit your purpose 

Replacement Parts

Sometimes it's just impossible to find a place to hide garbage.  To solve this problem and to beautify property at the same time, install "Cambercans." Cambercans are underground garbage cans that eliminate ugly garbage, and decrease the clutter of ordinary surface garbage cans.  The perfect hidden garbage can.

Cambercans give you a lifetime of satisfaction because they are the most durable garbage container system available. Consider these benefits:

  • Cambercans contain no plastic parts to break or wear out.
  • The cans are built the old-fashioned, heavy-duty way, including spot welding and lock-seams, industrial strength cotter pins, and bolts.
  • Construction is over 98% galvanized steel. No skimping on quality.
  • Cambercan lids are galvannealed, a paintable galvanized.
  • Put your foot on the lid-step and the lid pops up for easy access.

The strongest underground garbage can container systems available

Being tough and beautifying property aren't the only reason buyers choose Cambercans.

Since they are installed underground, clean-up is non-existent and foul odors and penetration by animals is minimized too.

Available as complete 20- or 25-gallon assemblies, or as individual replacement parts.








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320-A Complete assembly with
2 piece easy step lid
20 24 x 18 1/4 1
325-A Complete assembly with
2 piece easy step lid
25 30 x 18 1/4 1

ALL lids are stock unpainted.  All painted lids are optional and at an additional cost.

320-B Complete assembly with
1 piece easy step lid
20 24 x 18 1/4 1
325-B Complete assembly with
1 piece easy step lid
25 30 x 18 1/4 1


15 #20 Insert-Can 20 17 1/2 x 21 1-3 camberpailw1.jpg (119360 bytes)
16 #25 Insert-Can 25 17 1/2 x 27 1-2


Call for availability



Call 1-800-685-8263 or e-mail us at info@volko.com

CAMBER Replacement Parts
  1    Step for One-piece Lid

2    Top for One-piece Lid

3    One-piece Lid complete

4    4 1/2" Bolt with Nut

5    2 3/4" Cotter Pin

6    Lid for Two-piece Lid

7    Ring for Two-piece Lid

8    Step for Two-piece Lid


Underground Garbage Cans and Inground Trash Can Parts


9    Two-piece Lid complete

10   Insert-Can Ear

11  Handle for either insert

12  Shell for #320 (20 gallon)

13  Shell for #325 (25 gallon)

14  Bracket for Outer Shell

15  #20 Insert-Can 

16  #25 Insert-Can



Chief and Dover in-ground trash cans are no longer available.

camberw2.jpg (68662 bytes)
20 gal
Dover Cans
20 & 25 gal
Camber Cans
27 gal
Chief Cans

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Whether 1 lid or a condo complex of 100 + . 
We have easy replacement can parts & replacement lids.

Measure the opening & old lid and give us a call.

 800-685-8263 or e-mail us at info@volko.com


Underground Trash Cans have become very popular for pet waste.   A clean and economical way to dispose of dog and pet waste correctly.  
Read about the hazards of dog doo from a
USA Today article.

Installing 1 or 2 trash cans in an inconspicuous spot, with an easy center step lid, it is a convenient way to safely dispose of & " hide the poop ".


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